Suspended Ceiling Restoration

industrial spraying applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North West industrial spraying applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North West

Suspended Ceiling Restoration:

If you are planning on painting a Mineral or Metal suspended ceiling do not use standard emulsions or off the shelf coatings. They will ruin your ceiling, it will look terrible and the tiles will end up stuck to its grid making future maintenance above the ceiling impossible.

The facts are simple: Using us to restore your ceilings using specialist coatings will cost the same as using emulsion, but the results will be worlds apart.

Ceiling replacement is very costly and mostly unnecessary. We will restore your ceilings to look as good as new for a fraction of the cost and time of installing a new ceiling.

The facts speak for themselves, why would anyone want to spend good money painting a ceiling with standard products, and therefore ending its life and ability to be maintained. When there is a cost effective professional alternative.

The benefits of using us to restore your ceilings include:

• Applied at the same cost as emulsions
• Zero VOC, completely safe ecological coating service.
• Class ‘0’ Fire rating
• Micro-Porous allowing the substrate to rbeathe
• Non bridging (tiles will not stick to grid)
• will enhance the acoustic properties of the ceilings.

Our Elite Dryfall system – Technical Data and Specification

Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall is a water-based acrylic coating for application on ceilings and walls, particularly large commercial and industrial applications. Elite Ultra-Ceil Dryfall is a very practical coating which is intended to be spray applied. The overspray turns to a powder like substance whilst still airbourne, this characteristic allows for fast and easy clean up on site, a labour saving feature that could increase profits and cut down time on site. Elite Ultra-Ceil

Dryfall can be applied directly onto most substrates including bare galvanised steel, interior cladding, structural steel (spot priming of rust is required prior to application). HVAC trunking, PVC, powder coated substrates and pipe work. Benefits  Water-based  High productivity (up to 10m2 per litre)  Non-yellowing  Overspray turns to dust  Self priming  High light reflectance  Fast drying  Vapour permeable Elite Dryfall is specially formulated for spray application to interiors in commercial and institutional premises, especially interior cladding. The overspray will turn to dust before hitting the floor. This Feature reduces time spent on costly clean up and masking.

Where to Use:

Interior cladding, galvanised steel, Metal-Pan ceiling tiles, drywall, plaster, metal & concrete, walls and primed structural steel.


•Ideal for interior applications •Waterbased •Washable sheen finish for metal tiles & cladding •Excellent productivity •Self priming •Excellent adhesion •Fully permeable •Minimum masking •High light reflectance

Specification Preparation:

i. Remove any contamination that would be detrimental to adhesion.
ii. Sand down any glossy surfaces to form a key. Prime any rust or bare patches on structural steel.
iii. Brush down surface to remove dust & cobwebs, degrease if required. Mask & protect the area if necessary Application: Do not dilute, product is ready for application by airless spray.
iv. Apply Elite Dryfall onto substrate . use Airless Spray with tip size .013 to .015 with 12 inch fan apply Elite Dryfall overlapping each pass of sprayer by 50% to ensure uniform coverage.
v. Completion: On completion of spraying leave overspray at least 20 minutes to settle before de-masking. Clean machine and equipment with warm water, ensure the areas are clean and ready for re-occupation.

Technical data:

Colour White as standard but can be supplied in any RAL or BS colour Solids 39% Spread rate 10m² per litre depending on substrate. Dry to touch 45 minutes Recoat after 4 hours Clean-up Warm Soapy Water Flash Point 100’C WFT between 150 & 200 microns

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