Suspended Ceiling Restoration:

If you are planning on painting a Mineral or Metal suspended ceiling do not use standard emulsions or off the shelf coatings. They will ruin your ceiling, it will look terrible and the tiles will end up stuck to its grid making future maintenance above the ceiling impossible.

The facts are simple: Using us to restore your ceilings using specialist coatings will cost the same as using emulsion, but the results will be worlds apart.

Ceiling replacement is very costly and mostly unnecessary. We will restore your ceilings to look as good as new for a fraction of the cost and time of installing a new ceiling.

The facts speak for themselves, why would anyone want to spend good money painting a ceiling with standard products, and therefore ending its life and ability to be maintained. When there is a cost effective professional alternative.

The benefits of using us to restore your ceilings include:

• Applied at the same cost as emulsions
• Zero VOC, completely safe ecological coating service.
• Class ‘0’ Fire rating
• Micro-Porous allowing the substrate to beathe
• Non bridging (tiles will not stick to grid)
• will enhance the acoustic properties of the ceilings.

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