Metal Roof Spraying

Metal Roof Spraying

A roof attracts little attention until it leaks and requires replacing. The results of a damaged degrading roof can be catastrophic resulting in damage to equipment, stock and downtime in production. A small amount of damage can cost a business a small fortune. Now is the time to protect your roof: Pristine offer a professional cleaning and spraying service that will restore your roof to its original condition at a fraction of the price of replacement.

We can spray your roof to any RAL or BS colour code. Highly reflective, UV resistant, rust inhibiting coatings are preferred as they can prolong the life of your roof, and can also reflect heat away from the surafce reducing the amount of energy needed to cool the building in summer. Before the roof can be sprayed all leaks will need to be found and fixed, all fasteners will need to be tightened and seams will need to be sealed.

Our roof spraying service procedure will then be as follows:

* The entire roof will be pressure washed to remove lose previous paint films,dirt, grease and traffic film.
* Any areas of rust will be machanically treated and the area will be primed to protect from future contamination.
* All penetrations and fasteners will be encased and waterproofed.
* The entire roof will receive a coat of rust inhibiting primer.
* The entire roof will receive two topcoats of the specified or chosen roof top-coat product.

If no particular product has been specified we will recommend the best product for your particular project.

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