Airtight Coatings for Block Walls

  industrial spraying applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North Westindustrial spraying applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North West

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Airtight Coatings for Block Walls

Block walls can leak air at up to 80m3 per m² per hour at 50pa. The application of Elite Airtight coating by Pristine to your blockwork will reduce this to zero in a low cost, fast application procedure.This offers a significant improvement to the overall air-tightness of the building – a low cost addition to your specification which will help to remove doubt about meeting the required air-tightness levels and significantly reduce the HVAC demands over the lifetime of the building.
​We spray out block walls using Elite Airtight on new-build and refurbishment projects throughout the UK. Typical areas of application include; factories, schools, gymnasiums, warehouses, shopping centres, indoor carparks, retail units and supermarkets.
We will provide you with a superior finish to standard emulsions and masonry coatings. in order to assist you complete your projects on time we will work outside of normal hours at no extra cost. We prefer this as we can complete our works with minimal disruption to other trades working on site.

NEW: AIRTIGHT SPRAY-PARGE (can be applied onto wet walls).

We now offer a service of spray parging block-walls prior to Dry-lining works.
Due to its ability to cure when exposed to moisture Airtight Spray-Parge can be applied to damp surfaces in damp areas after just 36 hours of substrate drying time, regardless of the degree of moisture held within the substrate. The moisture in the substrate actually assists in the curing process of the coating system.
Airtight Spray-Parge contains hydrophobic components that protect buildings against moisture absorption, while not interfering with the overall drying process of the substrate. This unique system means that moisture held within the substrate can escape while no additional moisture can enter the substrate. Following trades (Dry-Liners) can start work on the substrate within 48 hours. Airtight Spray-Parge is compatible with all standard dot & dab adhesives.

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