Exterior Cladding Spraying

We offer the most effective and economical solution to restore exterior cladding of all types , which will brighten up large warehouses, industrial & retail units, schools, colleges and factories.

Our cladding coating service provides resistance to pollution, UV, impact and abrasion. A cost effective solution that exhibits similar performance characteristics to the original cladding panels.

The procedure includes:

* Thoroughly pressure washing your building.
* Treat all cut-edge corrosion.
* Eliminate rust.
* Mask and protect the area.

Apply coatings to all areas ensuring a full and uniform finish has been achieved.

De-mask and clean up the area.

We are approved and nominated applicators for the majority of

the UK’s top coating suppliers including; Triskell, Giromax, Steel Seal, Trimite, Bradite and many more, as such we can apply any product that is specified, or we can help you choose a product to suit your budget .

Our cladding restoration service is the ideal way of transforming a tired, weathered looking building into a modern, vibrant and inviting premises. whether you are looking for a 15-year guarantee or simply want to refresh the appearance of your cladding, Pristine will provide you with the perfect service.

We will complete all projects to the highest standard, within budget, on timeand we can respray your cladding to any RAL, NCS, BS or Metallic colour reference and to your chosen sheen level.

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