About Industrial Resin flooring

 A huge amount of applications across all industries.

industrial flooring applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North West

Key benefits of resin flooring include:-

* Heavy duty usage.
* Slip resistance.
* Seamlessness.
* Chemical resistance.
* Dust-proofing.
* Anti-static.
* Water-proofing.
* Decorative finishes.

industrial flooring applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North West<

Resin flooring products have a huge amount of application possibilities. The versatility of resin-based coatings and screeds ensure their suitability for use in virtually any industry.

Epoxy Resin coatings cover most general needs, including dust-proofing, durability, general chemical resistance and if needed, slip resistance. 2mm Epoxy and 6mm Polyurethane Screed systems provide high impact resistance and polyurethane resin coatings and screed excel in high chemical resistance.

Preparation is critical to ensuring longevity in a resin floor and choosing the right primer plays a key part. Water-based coatings are great for concrete but a solvent epoxy is required if the surface is bituminous. If the concrete has been subjected to oil-contamination, it is vital that an oil-tolerant primer is used. If the slab has only been paid within the last few weeks, an Epoxy DPM primer will need to be installed.

Where speed of application and downtime is critical, there is nothing to touch MMA Fast Cure resin products. These remarkable resin systems can cure in less than 20 minutes at temperatures down to 0 degrees C, allowing a complete system of primer, 2mm base finish and seal coats to be applied and ready for use in just a few hours .

Whatever your industrial flooring needs, there is almost certainly a resin flooring system to meet it!

industrial flooring applied by Cheshire Resin Flooring North West

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