Smoke Damage Coating & Restoration

Smoke Damage Coating & Restoration

The damage that a fire can cause to a business can be catastrophic. consequential losses mount up from, business trade interuption, employees being unable to work, supply chains being disrupted.
We offer a rapid and professional response that is designed to get your premises and business back in action as soon as possible.
Our service is ideal for clients, contractors and insurance companies. after the property has had an initial inspection and clean, we will arrive on site and respray the entire area with Elite SmoKote which is a specialist smoke damage restoration coating which is designed to create an odour free, clean, blank canvass in the minimal amount of time. We can have your smoke damaged property ready for re-occupation within days.
We have trained teams in all areas of the country. Due to the nature of the problem short lead in times are a must. we can be onsite within days of your initial call.
Large areas can be sprayed out fast and efficiently keeping downtime to a minimum. Traditional decorating methods cant compete in speed or cost.

The benefits of using our system to restore your smoke damaged substrates include:

* Rapid response
* The use of specialist Smoke & Stain-block coatings
* Areas re-occupied sooner
* De-odourising additives means no smoke odours.
* Highly trained professional staff
* minimises loss of business
* up to 1000m2 restored per shift.

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SmoKote -Technical Data & Specification

Specialist coating for application onto substrates damaged by fire & smoke. Can also be used on substrates damaged by flood water.
This unique product is a self priming, solvent based interior / exterior coating for use in disaster restoration. All stains and odours will be totally eliminated. Damaged properties will be restored and reoccupied faster than using traditional coatings and methods.
Where to Use: Suspended ceilings, drywall, previously painted surfaces, block-work, masonry, structural steel non-ferrous metal, galvanised steel. Enamelled wall panels, aluminium, stainless steel, powder coated substrates, bare or factory finished interior & exterior cladding
•Excellent stain covering,
•Ideal for Interior & Exterior Applications
•Rapid application
•Excellent productivity
•Self priming finish coat
•Will not flake or peel
•Excellent light reflectance,


Preparation: Brush down the surface to remove all dust, cobwebs etc, de-grease any heavy contamination, spot prime any bare steel, mask up if product to be applied by spray.
Application: SmoKote can be applied by brush, roller or airless spray, If applied by airless spray use a 0.11 to 0.13 tip, do not dilute. apply one full coat overlapping each pass by 50%. This should be sufficient. However depending on the substrate a further mist coat may be required to complete the project.
Completion: Clean brush, roller & machine with white spirit, clean area ready for re-occupation.
Technical data:
Colour White as standard but can be supplied in any pastel RAL or BS colour
Solids 62%
Spread rate 8m² per litre depending on WFT Required.
Dry to touch 2 hour
Recoat after 24 hours
Clean-up low odour spirit
Flash Point 64’C
WFT up to 100 microns

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