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Furniture and Worktop Spraying

We offer a professional service of
spraying Kitchens,uPVC Windows, Doors
and Conservatories

We use GlassCast 3,
a clear epoxy coating resin used to create glossy coatings on existing floors, decorative floors, artwork, bar-tops, counter-tops and furniture.

GlassCast 3 Recommended Uses

Penny Floors, Decorative floors (adding pigments and metallic powders), Bartops and kitchen worktops (with or without pigments and effects), Resin-art (adding pigments, tints and other effects), Furniture (such as resin plank tables), Artwork and Resin Art (coating art, photography and more)

GlassCast 3 Advantages

GlassCast 3 has been developed to be as easy to use and reliable as possible. Special additives used in the resin mean the cured surface is as flat and glossy as possible, unbeaten by any other resin on the market. GlassCast 3 professional resin also uses advanced resin technology to expel trapped air-bubbles whilst it cures, meaning that jobs where a heat-gun or blowtorch can’t be used – such as a large floor – can still be completed with glorious bubble-free resin.

Once fully cured, GlassCast 3 is incredibly hard-wearing, similar to the toughness of epoxies used in warehouse or industrial flooring! If the resin does eventually start to get marked by daily use, it can be polished back up to a mirror finish using specialist polishing compounds.