The power of a fresh resin floor coating.

An office block above shopping units in Congleton, Cheshire, underwent a complete strip-out at the end of a tenency. The removal of old floor tiles exposed a worn, tired looking floor with a log of cracks and holes. After areas of damage were attended to with resin filler, two coats of High-build Epoxy Resin Flooring … Read more

The difference replenishment can make.

The above shows worn coatings in the walkway at Clark Cables in Congleton. The coating had been applied onto smooth concrete and a more durable type of coating was needed for the heavy amount of traffic. The concrete was well abraded under vacuum-control and two coats of High-build Epoxy Resin. The finished job shown below … Read more

A finish unachievable by brush or roller application.

Self-smoothing Epoxy Resin finishes really do exactly it says on the tin! The resins are mixed with powered-aggregates to form a slurry but after spreading out (and a little help from a spike roller), the special additives in self-smoothing epoxy resin formulation ensure a mirror-like smoothness that cannot be achieved just by brush or roller … Read more

Preparation is the Key!

  All too often, we encounter floors where a quality floor coating has been well applied but failed simply because the concrete was no prepared before preparation. The above, taken at JD Seasonings in Wigan, shows an instance where a resin coating was applied onto power-floated concrete which was not abraded. We removed the coating … Read more

Old and rough garage floor given new lease of life.

A garage in Ramsbottom had a large section of their servicing which was bad worn and in need on a complete replenishment. This required a four-stage process to transform the floor into a smooth, clean working environment. The four-stage process is outlined below:- Old, worn floor which is badly pitted. Concrete mechanically ground and primed … Read more

Why have resin applied to a domestic garage floor?

Epoxy resin is primarily a functional material, providing durability and chemical resistance. Most commercial vehicle maintenance sites opt to have a concrete floor but why is there an increasing demand resin flooring ind domestic garages? There is no single answer to this question but there are some specific reasons for this. Certainly, a lot of … Read more

Why have a concrete floor coated with Epoxy Resin?

There are many practical reasons for having resin floors installed, the importance of each varying from client to client. Ease of cleaning may be the priority in a food-related environment but in an oily workshop, slip-resistance is likely to be a greater consideration. A warehouse may little need for chemical resistance and be focused on … Read more

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