Aviation Projects.

We have wide experience of applying resin flooring in the aviation industry including Skydrol/Hyjet resistant finishes, anti-slip maintenance docking platforms and heavy-duty anti slip finishes in engineering areas. Cheshire Resin Flooring have a thorough understanding of the need of the aviation industry including flooring that is resistance to aggressive lubricants such as Skydrol and Hyjet in addition to undertaking extensive line marking and demarcation colour schemes. In addition to hangar floors, we undertaken resin coatings to areas such as vehicle decks and aircraft docking platforms.

We have also undertaken extensive work in airports including areas such as cargo terminal floors, baggage handling areas and anti-slip areas in various airport environments.

 Projects undertaken include:-

SAS Airlines, Arlanda Airport, Stockholm.

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British Aerospace, Brough.

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Private helicopter hangar.

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Goodrich Aerospace, Wolverhampton.

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