Resin flooring in commercial environments

Resin flooring in commercial environments

Resin flooring can be used to create decorative flooring in high-impact environments, either with blends of coloured aggregate or flakes bound in clear resin. In less appearance-conscious areas such a nursey growing room, a plain, heavy duty floor can be provided with a smooth floor for ease of cleaning.

Bowlee Nursery, Rochdale

– a commercial enterprise owned by Rochdale Corporation. A surface topping in a high-usage potting area had failed and a new, durable floor finish was required. Using a combination of vacuum-blasting and diamiond grinding, the existing failed screed was removed and a 7mm polymer screed was applied. This was finished with a two coat, anti-slip epoxy resin application.

Bond Street Shoe Shop

– a high-end London store required a heavy-duty floor with a ‘wow’ factor. A custom specification was created utilising resin flakes floating in clear resin.

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