Why have resin applied to a domestic garage floor?

Epoxy resin is primarily a functional material, providing durability and chemical resistance. Most commercial vehicle maintenance sites opt to have a concrete floor but why is there an increasing demand resin flooring ind domestic garages? There is no single answer to this question but there are some specific reasons for this.

Certainly, a lot of car enthusiasts like to have a clean,
attractive environment, particularly if they have a
classic or top-end vehicle. A typical choice for this
kind of environment is a 2-3mm self-smoothing epoxy
resin rather than a coating finish because of the
showroom like appearance, as in the image to the right –

Another reason is that garages are increasingly being used for purposes other than storing cars or gardening tools. Garages are increasingly being used to site exercise machines and a dull, concrete floor naturally is not the most desirable surface on which to exercise. Related to this is that with modern houses, especially those most recently built, the standard of concrete applied in domestic garages is increasingly poor and hence liable to dust easily. A resin coating can make all the difference, once the surface laitance is ground down.

Whatever the reason for choosing, whether an epoxy coating or a 2-3mm self-smoothing epoxy system, a resin finish can transform a domestic garage from a dusty storage area into a practical extra room in a house.

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