Resin flooring is so versatile!

Resin flooring is so versatile!

Resin flooring in Warehousing

Depending on the level of traffic we can tailor the installation to suit your needs, from extremely economic coatings for dilapidations works to very durable finishes which will last for years. Contrasting, designated walkways with a degree of slip resistance are commonplace to create a safe zone in these busy environments. Lining, direction and safety signs can all be applied in the same resin coatings as applied to the floor.

Resin flooring in Engineering

Manufacturing processes are diverse, and our resin flooring systems are equally so. With good oil, fuel and chemical resistance combined with excellent scratch and abrasion resistance, we can tailor your floor to meet the demands of your business, from a resin coating to a 6-9mm resin screed.

Resin flooring in Food Production

Hygienic food grade flooring is the priority for these areas. Hard wearing polyurethane screeds are ideal for these fast-tracked installation projects, to create a hygienic, slip resistant seamless resin floor finish, along with integral perimeter coving to complement the finish.

Resin flooring in Automotive environments

Due to the wide variety of uses throughout the automotive industry, all types of flooring can be required from a heavy-duty screed down to a straight forward coating. Because the turnaround in all areas of this industry is constant, it is important that the flooring can be installed to meet timed scheduling. We are also able to deliver cost effective solutions particularly for the larger engineering facilities.

Resin flooring in Aviation environments

The aerospace industry has extremely demanding environments, which cater for different operations. This means that one floor tends not to suit all, and so, resin flooring from smooth coatings through to heavy-duty resin screeds are required depending on the applications of that space.

Resin flooring in Animal care

Resin flooring is used extensively in dog and care centres providing easily cleaned and durable scratch resistant surfaces. Special light-grade aggregates are used to ensure soft paws are not affected by textured surfaces. In farming environments, coarse-grades aggregates are used to stop pigs and cattle from slipping.

Resin flooring in Commercial environments

Resin flooring can be used to create decorative flooring in high-impact environments, either with blends of coloured aggregate or flakes bound in clear resin. In less appearance-conscious areas such a nursey growing room, a plain, heavy duty floor can be provided with a smooth floor for ease of cleaning.

Resin flooring in the Health Care Industry

Self-smoothing Resin flooring is widely applied in the healthcare industry because of its exception cleaning properties, typically having nuclear decontamination certification. In sensitive areas subject to risk of static charge such as operating theatres, an anti-static grade is available.

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