About Us


We are a specialist applicator of Epoxy Resin floor coatings and Marble-effect Metallic FX resin finishes.

We are experienced in providing high quality epoxy resin flooring solutions for all aspects of industrial and commercial usage.

We have a team of experienced applicators focused on providing the ideal solutions for your epoxy resin flooring needs. By identifying your specific requirements and tailoring our proposals accordingly, we are confident that the work we carry out will improve the quality of your working environment.

The Epoxy Outfit Ltd. provide a wide range of industrial flooring services including –
* Epoxy Resin flooring-coatings
* Polyurethane Resin flooring-coatings
* Floor Repairs
* Floor Preparation
* Hygienic Flooring Surfaces
* Line Marking and Walkway Demarcation

There are many flooring related problems that can have an adverse effect on the efficiency of your business. We can identify potential areas of concern and hazards such as slipping and tripping caused by oil deposit build up or an uneven floor surface, dust & flaking, caused by worn & aged concrete, hygiene compromises due to insufficient sealing and of course general health & safety issues. Most flooring solutions encounter a degree of compromise as rarely do you fulfil all criteria with a single surface. In some cases a balance between what is required and what can be done within a budget must be achieved and this is where the knowledge and time served experience of The Epoxy Outfit Ltd. becomes invaluable.


Preparation & Application –

Each floor is unique and will require a specific method of application, however before this process can begin the underlying area must be prepared or treated to guarantee maximum benefit from the new surface. Our team is able to undertake all aspects of floor preparation further ensuring the quality of finish is maintained and in no way compromised. Floors are blast cleaned using electrically powered vacuum -blasting machinery which ensures completely dust free operation. Surfaces are then primed and ready to take the new top surface. In special circumstances the top surface can be adapted so that its cure period is dramatically reduced and in some cases able to allow stacker trucks to run after only 2hrs.


Products & Colours –

A wide variety of textures, colours and finishes are available and in addition further colour combinations can be achieved by mixing uni-colour sands. The Epoxy Outfit Ltd. always aim to attain the best match foryour specific requirements. Special colours are also available at a nominal surcharge.
We initially discuss your general requirements by e-mail or over the phone and this is usually followed a site visit, during which we will undertake a survey of your floor. A formal proposal with a fixed price will then be provided.