Epoxy – DPM System is used to form a surface damp proof membrane and moisture vapour suppressant to concrete/screed floors, it is ideal for fast track building.


Epoxy – DPM System is a solvent free, two-component epoxy resin and surface damp proof membrane. It is a flexibilised epoxy, containing wetting agents, penetrants, flow agents and defoamers to maximise penetration and adhesion and to minimise pinholes.


1. Inhibits water vapour transmission and isolates moisture.
2. Facilitates the overlayment of “green” concrete.
3. Offers outstanding adhesion to concrete.
4. Allows early laying of floor covering.
5. Can accommodate relative humidity up to 97%.
6. Cost effective.
7. Easy to apply.

Minimum application temperature °C = 5°C
Usable time (1.0kg mix) @ 20°C = 40 – 50 minutes
Light traffic @ ambient temperature = 18 – 24 hours
Full traffic @ ambient temperature = 48 – 72 hours
Full cure (achieving maximum
physical & chemical properties) = 7 days
Density @ 20°C(g/cm³) = 1.03 – 1.08


Substrate preparation

The substrate should be clean, free from laitance, oil, grease or other agents that may impair adhesion. Techniques for preparation could include totally enclosed shot blasting or light scarification. All residues must be removed to provide a dust free, open textured surface.
Existing concrete floors should be sound but preparation methods may involve the patching of floor areas with P.R. Patch Repair System.

You must pour the total quantity of Curing Agent Component B into the Resin Component A container and mix thoroughly using a slow speed industrial hand drill.

In order to achieve good surface damp proof membrane properties it is advisable to apply 2 coats.
• Apply the first coat by squeegee and roller and allow to cure until tack free, which usually takes between 8 – 15 hours, depending on the temperature.
• The second coat should be applied within 24 hours by also using squeegee and roller (a light scatter of 60’s mesh dry silica sand can be applied while curing, in order to improve the inter coat-adhesion of the resin topping or coating).


First Coat 3 – 4 m²/kg
Second Coat 4 – 5 m²/kg


Epoxy – DPM System comes in Clear (pigmented versions, Brick Red & Grey can be supplied if required).

It is available in 4.80kg or 9.60kg units of composite packs, consisting of Resin Component A + Curing Agent Component B.


Tool Cleaning Solvent should be used to clean tools – do not use on skin.


It is recommended that barrier creams, gloves and protective clothing be worn when that barrier creams, gloves and protective clothing be worn when working with Epoxy – DPM System.
In case of contact with eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water and seek medical advice. After contact with skin wash immediately with plenty of soap and water.
For full details see separate Health & Safety Data Sheet.

All CRF Epoxy Systems products’ are manufactured to a high standard of quality. Whilst we aim to ensure that any advice, information or recommendations given are
reliable and correct, the Company cannot accept any liability directly or indirectly arising from the use of its products, as we have no direct or continuous control over where or how
its products are applied. No undertaking can be given against infringement of any

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