Resistocoat Epoxy Repair Mortar – Concrete Patcher Kit Data Sheet

Epoxy Concrete Patcher concrete repair mortar is a three pack, easy mix epoxy repair mortar for the repair of damaged concrete floors, walls, beams and steps. The product is available in pre-weighed units which are designed for ready mixing. Part A consists of graded aggregates which are to be blended with part B a low viscosity epoxy resin. Part C is the hardener or reactor unit, which is available within the package in a smaller tub. The newly formed repair will give a repaired mortar surface many times stronger than the original in a short space of time.
 High Strength
 Good Flexibility
 Good Adhesion
 No Shrinkage Repair
 Chemical Resistant
 Low Odour
 Easy to use


Preparation: All areas for repair must be clean dry and free from loose debris or laitance. All original floor joints when butting against an expansion or contraction joint must be maintained. ResistoCoat EpoPrime must be applied to any vertical or overhead repairs to assist adhesion. The primer is available as pre-weighed two pack epoxy solvent free primer, which must be thoroughly mixed before use. Application into the primer is wet on wet.

Mixing: Remove the lid from the large bucket where the aggregate will be revealed. Pour the contents of part C and part B into a mixing container and mix thoroughly. Once mixed add to the aggregate and mix thoroughly for 5 minutes. Any concentrations of resin must be thoroughly mixed into the mortar. Apply after this mixing process, by trowel or pallet knife into the prepared repair. Leave for 18-24 hours for the repair to set hard.

S.G: 1.9
Pot Life: 2 hours +/- 1 hour.
Touch Cure: 12 hours +/- 1 hour.
Service Strength: 7 days.
Compressive Strength: 75 N/mm2 after 7 days.
Modulus (compressive): 15 N/mm2 after 7 days.
Coverage Rate
5kg unit: 0.5m2 at depth of 5mm.
10kg unit: 1.0m2 at depth of 5mm.
28.5kg unit: 2.85m2 at depth of 5mm.
Unit sizes are 5kg and 10kg.

Epoxy Concrete Patcher is available in natural sand, light grey and dark grey.

ResistoCoat Cleaning Solvent No2 should be used to clean tools. This should not be used to clean hands.

Health & Safety
Please refer to our Material Safety Data (MSDS) sheets for this product.

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